Hello everyone! Welcome to our world!

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Seek For Gold

Hello everyone! Welcome to our world! We are so excited to share with you our relentless desire to bring to life exquisite and timeless jewels! Our main vision when creating the brand was to celebrate femininity, individuality and simplicity by designing for the strong, self-driven woman who does not follow trends, instead she curates them herself, while expressing her individuality with an unfiltered authenticity. The woman who wants it all, who pushes through and is brave enough to go after her dreams – this is our muse, this is who we design for.

Every collection we’ll present will have a unique story to tell, however, this time we’d like to focus on our most special collection to date, our Interstellar Collection! As its name suggests, this collection comes from a Galaxy far, far away, designed to capture the brilliance of how the universe works in all its incredible subtlety and complexity. A collection which showcases the undeniable allure of the night sky and the seductive beauty of the universe in its rarest moments. Unique shapes and forms have been brought to life, by extracting creative elements from astronomical bodies & objects. It’s fascinating, mesmerizing and magical, don’t you think?

So let’s talk a little bit more about our brand! Seek for Gold is more of a passion than a jewelry brand. It’s a creative way of thinking and living- one that will trigger your imagination, fire up your urge to explore and lead to a sanctuary of sorts, away from the mundane things we know all too well!
We invite you to join us, as we take you behind the scenes, to our own personal online sanctuary! Through our creative process and our designs, we will be sharing with you nips and tucks of what inspires us, what fuels us and what urges to keep growing!

Stay tuned! xxx